Tuesday, January 24, 2006


by Ken Gordon, Columbus Dispatch
"At 2 a.m. on a snowy winter night, Justin Boren’s cell phone beeped. He was awake, preparing to help his father, Mike, plow snow as part of Mike’s landscaping business. But who would have known that? And who could be text-messaging him at this hour? It was Luke Fickell, an Ohio State assistant coach, keeping in touch with the former Pickerington North offensive lineman.

The NCAA has strict rules regulating phone calls and face-to-face contacts with recruits. But the governing body so far has allowed coaches unlimited e-mails and text messages because they are not viewed as intrusive. Recruiting always has been about trying to outwork other coaches for the top kids. And in the instant-information age, text-messaging has become the latest way to keep in touch."

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 NCAA Convention Recap

Division III strides forward decisively
Delegates map out future after preserving ‘redshirting’ ban

By Jack Copeland
The NCAA News

"At least by past standards, the Division III membership marched through a lengthy legislative agenda January 9 in Indianapolis with breathtaking speed.

It took less than three hours for delegates to deal with a long list of proposals designated by the Division III Presidents Council for roll-call votes — and only about 30 minutes during the annual Convention business session to establish a strong sentiment for preserving recent reforms.

Delegates rejected Proposal No. 3, which sought to reinstate “redshirting,” by a 2-1 margin — a more decisive action than the original vote at the 2004 Convention to eliminate the practice.

They then endorsed three Council-sponsored proposals that resulted directly from recommendations of the Future of Division III-Phase II Oversight Group, with 99 percent of voting delegates approving Proposal No. 9, which amends the Division III philosophy statement to clearly state that athletics should be conducted within institutions’ academic and cultural mission."

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You Asked for a Blog ... You Got a Blog

Welcome to the blog for the Centennial Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). As requested by the SAAC at its November 2005 meeting, this will be used as the main form of communication between the Centennial SAAC, the Conference membership and the Centennial Office.

We will post information pertinent to students participating in athletics on our campuses ... and we hope that the SAAC members will use the blog to let us know your response(s) ... and how we can improve the student-athlete experience on our 11 campuses.

Located on the side are links to the NCAA SAAC page ... the Centennial SAAC page ... and links for our campus SAAC pages, if they have been created. Coming up soon, we recap the NCAA Convention ... where the national SAAC went 11-4 with its positions on the Presidents Grouping proposals.

Hope you enjoy ... and contribute to ... our Centennial SAAC blog.