Tuesday, July 01, 2008

NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Conference

The 2008 fall NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Leadership Conference is scheduled for Oct. 3-4-5 in Pittsburgh, Pa. Attendance is absolutely free! The NCAA pays for airfare or mileage, shuttle transportation, lodging (Friday & Saturday only) and meal costs; rental car fees are not reimbursed. Hotel expenses (excluding incidentals) and airfare are billed directly to the NCAA. Additionally, the NCAA will reimburse reasonable meal expenses associated with travel upon provision of a reimbursement form and expense receipts.

Division III is committed to student-athlete well-being, a key priority of the Division III Strategic Plan. The divisional leadership conferences are designed to encourage student-athletes to become confident change agents on their campuses and in their communities and to provide a forum for student-athletes, coaches, administrators and faculty to build partnerships, develop leadership skills, and discuss Division III issues that impact student-athletes. As part of the divisional leadership conferences, participants from the same institution or conference office will work together in teams. They will use information presented at the leadership conference to develop plans for projects that can be implemented with the support of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and other campus leaders to promote positive change. This jam-packed, weekend conference allows Division III attendees to not only become change agents, but have fun and make new friends while doing it!

The deadline for registration is September 1. Interested? Contact your institution's Director of Athletics for more information.