Wednesday, December 17, 2008

End of the Recruiting Rainbow Isn't Always Gold

After investing so much time and money in a sport, an athlete makes their college choice. Sometimes it's a dream fulfilled; sometimes it's disenchanting.

You might have perceptions about the world of athletic scholarships, but chances are they don't match up with the complex realities. This Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune series aims to debunk some of the myths about scholarships and explain who gets them, how much money they get and what price some athletes ultimately pay.

PART I: Parents and athletes who think they are in line for a full ride often learn the realities of the scholarship are just as elusive as the scholarships themselves.

PART II: A look at life as a student-athlete and the role of money in NCAA Division I, II and III.

PART III: Several steps can help an athlete get a scholarship, but even the best-laid plans can change in a hurry.