Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Year Brings Hope for BMC Athletic Association

courtesy of The Bi-Co News
“One person cannot do everything, but every person can do something.” This seems to be the mantra of the Athletic Association this year, which has returned re-energized and re-focused over the summer, led by newly elected president, Stephanie Wujcik ’08.

Wujcik and the Athletic Association Board have clearly done a tremendous amount of work this summer, meditating upon the ever-present dilemma facing Bryn Mawr athletics.

As Wujcik said in her remarks at the first full meeting of the Association last week, the Athletic Association is technically the largest student group on campus, and yet athletics remain underrepresented in Bryn Mawr culture and consciousness.

The Athletic Association has clearly made it their mission this year to remedy this paradox, by making the Athletic Association a more visible and active force on campus.

This is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Luckily, the board has come up with several innovative ideas to achieve this presence.

The first is Wujcik’s proposal of “Gold Games.” In this program, each athletic team is paired with another team on campus that plays in a different season. Each team picks a game that is especially significant and the other team will come out to support their sister team at that event.

The idea is to get all athletes talking to one another, creating a firm athletic kinship, and ensuring that every team feels supported by the larger community.
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